Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Fun Links: for the music lovers

Kev says there isn’t anything better than a live musical performance, that there’s “just something about seeing a person give it their all and putting it out there for their audience.” Today, the Intern has put some live music performances together for us, noting “There's no finer example of the talent available in this world than these wonderful, timeless performances.” And by “wonderful and timeless,” he means “terrible and shameless.”

Kev will break it down for you:

Meet Stacy Hedger, Trumpet Virtuoso.

In case you've never seen this, his (self-proclaimed) nickname is "sex," and as you can tell by his dance moves, it's well deserved.

We've all seen this wonderful performance of U.S. national anthem. A truer, more patriotic and heart-warming version could not have been performed. It’s up there with this classic.

Kev’s Picks (3-2 this season)

Each Friday, Kev picks football games. Bear in mind, he is a parasite, a disease of football picking. They’re more pathetic than kids with really bad asthma. You’ve been warned.

We’ll review his picks every Wednesday in the PUP.

Last week wasn’t entirely embarrassing. 3-2 isn't bad, but improvements are needed. This is the week to start.

Colts @ Jags (+3)
Consider this my upset special of the week. The Colts are the Colts, except, for some reason, when they play the Jags. Jacksonville always plays Indy tough (trouncing them 44-17 last year and losing by a touchdown in the other game) and they'll do it again at home. Take the Jags to win. Bonus pick: The over/under on Peyton Manning commercials airing during this game is set at 32. Take ESPN on the over.

Raven (-3) at Bills
A Bills regular season game in Toronto in 2009? What's that? Many Torontonians are hoping they’ll move North of the Border once Ralph “Weekend at Bernie's” Wilson kicks the bucket. Well, if they do, and Larry Tannenbaum and Rogers buy them team, expect those $500 season tickets you can get in Buffalo to SKYROCKET in price. Oh, wait, there's a game in Buffalo this weekend? The Bills are starting gunslinger Trent Edwards again, and I can't see him fairing too well against Mr. Ed Reed and Mr. Ray Lewis. Take the Ravens to win the Who Cares Bowl of the week.

Titans @ Texans (+1)
Who Cares Bowl II. The Madden Curse hit the Titans last week, and that'll hurt them this week. Young will be a game-time decision, but even if he plays, he won't be his usual mobile self. If he doesn't play? Kerry Collins gets the call. The Texans are a decent team (you can't be anything more than decent so long as you have Ron Dayne on your roster). Houston at home will be too much for the Titans this week.

Bears @ Philly (-5.5)
What's up with the Bears D? I'm thinking their dominance the last couple of years had more to do with Tank Johnson threatening the opposition with his vast arsenal of weaponry rather than any sort of talent. 31 points to Minnesota? "All Day" is a great back, but wasn't Brian Urlacher the best linebacker since Lawrence Taylor? I thought so after all the reach-arounds the sports media gave Chicago last season. Take Philly.

Steelers (-3.5) at Broncos
Take the Steelers in this one. They’re gonna run all over the Broncos. "Tackling" is defined as "a seizing, grasping, or bringing down; to seize, stop, or throw down (a ball-carrier); Football. to tackle an opponent having the ball." Someone should pass this over to the Broncos. Have you seen them (try to) "tackle"? You could throw a bunch of nine-year-olds out there and they'd at least accidentally trip a ball carrier after they got roached. With this critical skill missing, expect the Steelers to run all over the Broncos and take this one easily.

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