Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Fun Links: Rant-o-riffic...uh...rants

After chirping Kev the Intern for his lacklustre efforts during our layoff, we got the feeling he was a little annoyed with us. We couldn’t quite put our finger on it, but something just seemed… off. Oh yeah. And there was this email:

“There, a double dose of links, who’s on the Douchemeter now?


Yes, the Intern was a little chagrined by last week’s Douchemeter, which he placed fifth on. We may have fudged some of the statistics we provided; Kev actually did send us one link during the break, and he watched Mr. Wrong twice. For this, we extend an olive branch and our sincerest apology. He has, in fact, provided a double-bill of links. We’ll hold onto batch No. 2 until next week. Today? His favourite rant-o-riffic tirades:

If this happened in the NFL, iron-fisted Roger Goodell would have had Darko Milicic kidnapped in a burlap sack and tossed into a river.

Obviously, neither this nor this needs an introduction. Both are Hall of Fame meltdowns. Mora’s clip, of course, is so classic it’s been turned into a commercial and also gives us an excuse to post this underrated gem. Imagine Jim Mora's kid coming home with a "C" on his math assignment and his mom freaking out. Then Jimmy Jr. asks Dad if they'll have ice cream after dinner:

"Ice cream? Don't talk about ice cream. You kidding me? Ice cream? (waves arms in exasperation) I just hope we eat at all."

Deviating from his usual antics of shattering ankles, Allen Iverson takes a moment to shatter the record for most times “practice” is said in an interview.

Kenny Rogers is a bully.

Thanks for the tip, Herm.

Bobby Knight adds sarcasm to his repertoire of throwing chairs and abusing his players.

“Tell Lindy to fuck off.”

Oddly enough, we close things out with more Ken Hitchcock, after this goal leads to this light-hearted chirping of netminder Antero Niittymaki.

Enjoy the weekend – try to take it easy on the beef jerky and hookers wearing roller skates – and we’ll see you on Monday.

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Denomme said...

The Darko clip is the new standard for all tirades.


My favourite part has to be, other than "I will fuck his mummy in her mouth", is when he takes a drink from his water bottle and the caption says: "Glurp, glurp..."