Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reviews for Men: Superbad

Starring: Michael Cera, Jonah Hill
Directed by Greg Mottola
114 Minutes

Story: 8
Quotability: 9
Sex/Girls: 6
“LOL” moments: 9
Awkward scenarios:10
Non-cheesiness (cheesiness = bad, agreed?): 7
Characters: 8
Intelligence: 9
Rewatchability: 9
Overall: 8.3

Some comedies make us laugh and say “Man, I wish that was me at that age.” Superbad makes us laugh and say “Wow, that really was me at that age.”

We don’t care what you say: you weren’t a pimp at age 17. Neither were we. The “pimps” from high school aren’t writing or reading this review. Actually, they’ve probably started their slide into baldness, obesity, and child abuse by now.

The truth is we’ve all had our severely awkward moments at that age. Case in point:

LARKIN: I had a really good time tonight.

CHICK: Me too.

(Larkin moves in for kiss, chick turns away, they hug awkwardly)

LARKIN: This…this is good. I like this. I…I’m glad we did this.

(Larkin turns toward the stairs and points at a nearby box of macaroni and cheese)

LARKIN: Oh…Easy Mac.

True story, and it’s that same sense of horrible awkwardness and fear of rejection that makes Superbad, the latest instalment of the Apatow crew (Knocked Up, The 40-year-old Virgin), so believable and funny.

Superbad follows nerds Evan (Michael Cera, known to most as George Michael from Arrested Development) and Seth (Jonah Hill, whom you may remember as one of the deadbeat friends from Knocked Up) on the eve of the last party of their senior year. Their goal, surprise, surprise: get laid.

Simple, clichéd premise? Sure, but Superbad makes up for it with intelligent dialogue and hilarious, painful-to-watch predicaments as the pals try to score with their respective chicks. Superbad packs more “I’ve been there” moments than any teen flick since American Pie.

Ever run out of things to say to a girl, then turn to leave only to realize she’s heading in the same direction as you, so you’re forced to walk together and continue your already-dead conversation? That happens in Superbad, as do an endless number of cringeworthy scenarios, from getting caught drawing penises in class to a girl leaking her period onto someone’s leg.

Evan’s high voice and awkwardness and Seth’s vulgarity and Belushi-like physical comedy make a good tandem. But the character people will still talk about a few years from now is McLovin. You’ve probably heard about him already. Fogel, the boys’ uber-geeky friend, uses a fake ID under the name McLovin to buy booze. He meets up with a couple cops (one of whom is Seth Rogen, who co-wrote the film) and some crazy adventures begin.

The truth: McLovin is overrated. The gag’s a great idea and the name is hilarious, but Superbad milks the McLovin story too much. The movie is at its best when it follows Evan and Seth’s efforts to woo and bang two lovely ladies. Sure, there are cheesy moments and messages galore, but any good comedy should have poignant spots.

Superbad’s women are pretty sexy, and you do get to see them do sexy things, but it’s a teen movie, so don’t expect full frontal or anything. Wait, American Pie and Porky’s got away with it. What gives?

Superbad isn’t the perfect guy comedy. It’s cheesy in spots, predictable and lacking in the boob department. But most of the time it’s hilarious, awkward and as smart as any Hollywood teen flick around. It also has enough memorable lines that you’ll have to watch it again since you laughed over some of the jokes the first time.

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malcolm said...

No way man, the McLovin parts were by far the best parts of that movie (which is saying something, 'cause the whole thing was pretty freakin' phenomenal).