Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday Fun Links: Iron Mike Madness

Kev the Intern is at it again. He’s still hot and cold with his links -- he sent us a “wicked” Smashmouth tribute video he actually thought we’d post. But before we could euthanize the nancy, he redeemed himself with some spectacular Mike Tyson footage.

Says the Intern: “Is there anything more amazing than watching Mike Tyson DESTROY people to Toto’s ‘I’ll Be Over You’? Probably not.” There may be more amazing things out there -- Angelina Jolie poopin’ in your mouth comes to mind -- but Tyson knockouts are pretty close. We’re still trying to figure out what possessed HBO to open its event with Toto.

Even better than the Toto montage is this five-minute KO carnage fest. It’s funny -- the old Mike Tyson was an animal in a “cool” way, a vicious predator, a shark who smelled blood and ripped opponents apart. Now he’s more of a diseased coyote that kills your neighbour’s terrier and gets taken down by Animal Control.

Is it wrong that it’s so much sweeter to watch him crush the awkward white guys? Something about the way their wavy hair flops when they hit the canvass amps up the “Ohhhhhhhh!” factor.

Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff weighed in on Tyson’s glory days with “I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson.” It has that slow, cheesy cadence you still see in any educational rap video today. Did you ever have to watch that Hepatitis B one in grade school? “Hepatitis B is a real bad rap.” Let’s face it: if Hepatitis B is the worst disease DJ Jazzy Jeff is stricken with, he should consider himself a lucky man.

Lastly, this clip isn’t Iron Mike, but can we pretend it is? We need an excuse to show you a crime-fighting dwarf who bangs women five times his size (on second thought, we probably don't need an excuse to show you a crime-fighting dwarf who bangs women five times his size).

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merjoem32 said...

Iron Mike was supposed to save boxing and clean the the heavy weight division. however, he went crazy and bit off Holyfield's ear.