Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friday Fun Links: The Intern`s Darwin Awards

Fifteen years ago, give or take, Al Gore invented the Internet. It’s primary purpose was twofold: (a) so 14-year-old boys could use something other than the lingerie section of the Sears catalogue to perform shameful self-gratification; and (b) so we could document and witness (over and over and over again) the stupidity of humanity as people take every opportunity to hurt and humiliate themselves.

Few people are as qualified as Kev the Intern to prepare a list of links appropriate to category B (though we have no doubts he could come up with a list for category A equally as well). Kev has no life beyond the Internet; it is his source of energy. If he were ever stranded on a desert island for a few years and was forced to eat coconuts and muskrats the entire time, upon his return to civilization he’d eschew a hamburger if it meant he could watch a 15-minute montage of children getting kicked in the groin on

Thus, we celebrate stupidity, the Intern’s “Darwin Awards.” He says they will make you think of one of (or all of) three things:

What the fuck was he thinking?

Is this seriously happening?

Let's watch that again.

Kev suggested measuring the bungee cord before making the leap.

At least after realizing he was capable of this kind of flexibility, this guy won’t be as upset when he can’t find a date for Saturday nights.

An all-time classic. Probably the greatest “blooper” in sports history, this guy turns his sternum into dust.

Do you think they’re really hurt, or they didn’t see the flying shrapnel, assumed it was a tackle, and hit the deck trying to draw a foul? Just kidding, we know they're not hurt.

Says Kev the Intern: “Anything involving fat people is hilarious.” Death, taxes and fat people, that’s what we say! Anyway, fat guy on diving board, fat guy on skateboard ramp.

Note the sadistic laughter as this androgynous tubby shrieks for its life.

Supermodels: beautiful, sexy, graceful. Bonus points for the audience’s unabashed laughter.

That Malaysian engineering degree was totally worth it!

Words can’t do this clip justice. He is cocky, confident and determined, making his complete ineptitude all the more enjoyable. Arguably one of the 10 best clips in Internet history.

And finally, one last clip to blow your mind. Yes, you are watching a thousand Filipino prisoners recreate Thriller while a dude in drag fears for his zombie-plagued life.

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