Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Links: CB4, Adrian Wilson is a mutant, Dick Pound, Douche hockey fans

The definition of Chris Bosh

Great montage that defines CB4 quite well. Very intense, nothing flashy and Canadians get really pumped up watching it while Americans wonder aloud “There’s a basketball team in Canada?” Thanks, Kev.

Adrian Wilson jumps 66”

Sweet jebus. Another beauty from The Intern.

Dick Pound still a dick

It’s weird to think steroids are at play in a sport prominently involving John Daly or Phil Mickelson. Something tells me Mickelson is clean, though. And by something, I mean his tits.

Canada “officially” pledging support for Senators

Ugh. Thanks to Doc, possibly the biggest Leafs fan I know, for passing this on. And I know this is hard, buddy, but we’ll get through it together. With lots and lots of alcohol.

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