Thursday, September 27, 2007

Friday Fun Links: stupid sports injuries

Stupid sports injuries.

They happen all the time. Milton Bradley tears his knee during an argument with an umpire. Gus Frerotte headbutts a cement wall after a touchdown. Bill Gramatica shreds his knee after a meaningless field goal. Kev the Intern missing the second half of a playoff game after choking on a tofu dog at halftime.

In honour of these boneheaded injuries, we give you some of the dumbest sports injuries of all time (so dumb, in fact, that they aren’t all even actual sports).

Notice this little lady manages to be completely in the air at one point. Still, maybe she tipped it into the net off-camera. And this guy did make the save, though he’s got to work on his rebound control.

“Grape stomping.” Could it be the next Olympic someday? If it goes down anything like this, we vote “yes.”

Kev calls this one “Hans Moleman” classic. We agree.

Mrs. Jones hates it when the “special kids” practise their tightrope-walking routine.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your weekend. We know we will; we’re exhausted after you guys forced us back to daily. Thanks a lot, you soulless bloodsuckers!

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Denomme said...

In the one where that loser for the Tigers gets hit in the junk: when they show him crouched over with the trainer, note the umpire come over to check on him, but fondle his own package the entire time. Ahahahah.

He must have been worried about his own boys too.