Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Fun Links XTREME!

This week, Kev the Intern honours the X-Games. No, he’s not really an extreme sports fan. A few summers ago Kev tried catching a pop fly with his face -- in his words, his face “exploded,” leading to simultaneous bleeding from below his eye, his nose and his mouth -- and that’s about as crazy as he gets nowadays.

Still, he says he was inspired after watching this incredible 40-foot fall by Jake Brown. Some things he wanted to mention in particular about that video:

1) It's a ridiculous bail
2) Tony Hawk's comments immediately after the fall (0:39)... Hawk cares WAY more about the fact that Brown hit a 720 versus the fact that he's a lump of meat at the bottom of the ramp
3) "His shooooooeeeesss popped off!"
4) The overstatement of how much of a "hero" this guy is by Hawk & Co.
5) "Jake Brown, 32, suffered bruising of the liver and lung, stress fractures in his vertebrae, severe whiplash and a broken wrist"

Awesome. Anyway, on with the links:

The Intern, lazy as ever, digs up this already prepared compilation of X-Games chaos. U2 sings “Sometimes, you can’t make it on your own,” in the background, though some of these guys are gonna need jetpacks to make it at all.

Do you think this is what a dude with a fat girlfriend feels like if she’s had a few drinks, or maybe popped some ecstasy?

Let’s discuss potential sports to add to the X-Games. Any idea what Kev suggests? If you guessed “Buggy Rollin” vs. Motorcycle racing, you’re right.

And to finish the day off, we’ll let Kev do the explaining:

“I don't care if this isn't a sport, it's fucking increeeddddiiibbbllle, and I couldn't NOT add it. Fuck, I love the Japanese.”

Have a good weekend, kiddies, we’re back on Monday.

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