Thursday, August 16, 2007

Friday Fun Links: Child football players wow us

Kev the Intern loves his football. He even tried playing it. For a long time, actually. Was he good? Hmmm. Well, try these numbers on for size:

Career high school quarterback rating: 5.8
Career-best numbers after becoming a corner in university: zero picks, four tackles in 16 games

The numbers don’t lie. Neither does this Kev the Intern home movie (of course, we may or may not have lied about everything in the preceding few paragraphs, but that’s beside the point). He thought of himself as a “scrambler” back in his quarterbacking days. That was short-lived.

Kev finally woke up and started living vicariously through budding young superstars.

He’s “blindsided by the awesomeness of Cody Paul.” So are we. The kid’s helmet is bigger than his torso. He hasn’t started producing semen, yet but he breaks tackles like pre-prison Jamal Lewis and dances like Emmett Smith (the Dances with the Stars version).

Enter Noel Devine, whom Kev calls the greatest football player never to reach the NCAA. The guy who posted the video sums Devine up perfectly: "This guy is too insane; either he's playing against retards or he is the next LaDainian Tomlinson or Reggie Bush.”

“You can read more about Noel (including his stint living with Deion Sanders) here.” Thanks, YouTube encyclopaedia Kev. Do you work for a living?

The kids from Plano East high school make the greatest comeback of all time…or do they? Forget what happens on the field. Listen to the cowboy announcers deliver the most biased commentary in the history of sports. The colour guy must be a drunken fan who stumbled into the booth. Amazing.

What does this have to do with recruitment? Kev says people should recruit the kids from Plano East “out of pity.” A stretch, but it’s worth it just so show the video.


Hayesism said...

PS. Noel Devine is in the NCAA, he is the backup tailback to Steve Slaton and West Virginia (he did, eventually, end up qualifying academically).

Hayesism said...

Cody Paul, white guy as a slotback and returning punts at UCLA in 2013. I want to see it.

malcolm said...

Fuck you guys, I send you the Devine clip weeks ago and you talked about putting it in Fun Links. Now Kev the Intern's taking my credit?!

Just for that, I'm flooding your inbox with Ben Cahoon highlights.

(Yes, I realize the irony in the fact that Larkin thinks the CFL's like high school. Fuck you guys.)

Kevin said...

Hey malcolm, you gotta have the street cred for the links..

malcolm said...

How's an up-and-comer supposed to get street cred with the established guys holding him down?

I'll give you credit, Kev. You hold tough on your own turf.