Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Three Stars (and one team we're not really mad at but wish could have done one thing differently this offseason): Harang does Grandpa's ghost proud

Last night’s studs:

1. AARON HARANG -- Harang spent the last three days in San Diego, where his grandfather passed away. After attending Grandpapa Harang’s death party yesterday, Harang returned to Cincinnati to pitch on schedule as a tribute. Harang struck out 10 batters on 121 pitches over 10 innings, allowing one run and buying the Reds enough time to eventually win in the 12th. Good thing Harang plays for the crappy, hopeless Reds. Imagine Joe Torre or Terry Francona leaving a hurler in for 10 innings and 120-plus pitches...they'd be on The Best Damn Sports Show's Top 50 Manager Decapitations in no time.

Still, Harang’s grandpa seemed like a pretty cool guy. Said Harang after the game: ''He was a baseball fan. He wouldn't have wanted me to miss a start. When we were [in San Diego] and I stayed an extra day, he was mad because he thought I might miss a start.''

2. JON LESTER -- The 23-year-old Red Sox pitcher gave up two runs and five hits over six innings in a 7-2 win over Cleveland. He also earned a “W” over cancer, which he was diagnosed with last year during his rookie season. Last night was Lester’s return to the big leagues. Chemotherapy picked up the save.

3. SAMMY SOSA -- Slammin' Sammy led Texas to an 8-7 win, blasting a homer and driving in five. Funny how new age 'roid monkeys like Barry Bonds, Floyd Landis and Sean Sherk are distracting us from Sammy. He could be injecting his bum-bum in the dugout while mugging for the TV cameras and we wouldn't notice right now. That has to be what he's doing, right? How else could he be on pace for 30 HR and 100-plus RBI after spending last year in the gutter?

AND ONE TEAM THAT WE’RE NOT REALLY MAD AT BUT WISH COULD HAVE DONE ONE THING DIFFERENTLY THIS OFFSEASON: THE TORONTO RAPTORS. Morris Peterson officially signed with New Orleans on Monday, ending a seven-year run with the Raps. We’d never question God (I.e. Bryan Colangelo. Do you think he ever hangs out with the other Toronto GMs? Like, he and Ricciardi and Ferguson go to lunch and talk about how their teams are doing and Colangelo just feels bad for them? And he finally starts getting annoyed because Ricciardi paid 17 bucks for a 10-dollar burger that ends up tasting like shit, but JP blames the burger? And he has to keep reminding JFJ that he’s holding the menu upside down? Fuck, we hate Toronto sports. Why can’t Colangelo just run the Jays and Leafs, too? We don’t care if he doesn’t know anything about baseball or hockey. He’ll pick it up), but it’ll be sad to see Mo Pete, a great energy guy and the face of the franchise for a long while now, wearing another team’s uniform.

You rock, Mo Pete. we’ll never forget you!


Seanvdb said...

Fuck the burger! I always overpay for shit, but it's never my fault. Always the burgers'.

Seanvdb said...

"We feel this burger had a down year last year, you know, getting to play with joe thornton. we really feel like the lack of a DUI and playing with Kyle Wellwood will help us not look like we overpaid for this burger."

"yea, we expected more out of the burger this year. 72 games... it's really too much. We're going to bring in another burger to help with the workload"

I fucking hate Ferguson.

malcolm said...

We'll all miss Mo Pete, but give Kapono a chance; I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Colangelo's set the team up well to spread the offence out. Opposing defences are going to have to pick their poison -- Rasho/Baston wide open under the net, Bargnani and Kapono dropping open threes, or Bosh embarrassing opponents one-on-one. Whichever they choose, we should be dangerous. I'm excited.