Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Three Stars (and one manager who's as useful as an electric razor on Charlie Villanueva): Goodbye, Bill

Last night's studs:

1. BILL WALSH -- West coast! WEST COAST! WHAT?! WHAT?! YEEE. WEST COAST 'TIL YOU DIE, MOTHA FUCKA. (We'll miss you, Bill.)

2. CARL CRAWFORD -- Must be nice to play at his level. "Sorry guys, can't play against the Jays tonight. My wrist hurts too much. What's that? You need me to pinch run in the bottom of the ninth? Ok. Hey, I tied the game! What's that? Now you want me to swing a bat in the 11th? OK, I'll tough it out. Hey, would ya look at that? A walkoff homer."

3. TEXAS RANGERS MANAGEMENT -- at first glance, the Teixeira trade seemed crappy. Why trade a young, marquis bat like Teixeira for, well, anything? Especially since he isn't a free agent until the end of 2008? But the Rangers know that (a) they're shit and (b) Teixeira knows their shit and won't re-sign, so why not parlay him into big prospect Jarod Saltalamacchia, a switch hitter who looks like the next Jorge Posada, and several young prospects with big upside? Good for them.

AND ONE MANAGER WHO'S AS USEFUL AS AN ELECTRIC RAZOR ON CHARLIE VILLANUEVA: JOHN GIBBONS. Every once in a while Gibbons gives a clinic on "how not to manage a baseball team," and last night was one of those times. He leaves proven relievers Jason Frasor and Brandon League on the bench in favour of rookie Brian Wolfe in the 10th last night. We'll let it slide. But to send Wolfe back out for the 11th? Of course he got lit up.


Kevin said...

I'm not a Gibbons fan by any stretch of the imagination. BUT, I think you'd remember that Gibbons was tossed from the game in the 8th, and it was Ernie Whitt who left Wolfe out there.

Mind you, Gibbons may have had the most inexplicable tossing ever. You're in the bottom of the 8th Inning, you're winning 4-2, there's none out, no one on base, and it's a 2-1 count. What the hell was going through his mind? "They're gonna love me for this!"? I don't think it's any coincidence that the Jays gave up a run in that half inning, then another one in the 9th.

Now that the Jays are mostly healthy, they're 9-9 since the all star break. See ya later Gibby. Hope you like coaching A-ball!

Spirit of Jake Plummer said...

Weird, I watched most of the game and I even heard them talking about Gibbons on the radio last night after the game as if he made the call to leave Wolfe in there. So I blame the Fan 590 for misleading me.

-- Larkin

malcolm said...

As crappy as this season's been, it's kinda cool to be able to read things like "proven relievers Jason Fraser and Brandon League" without scoffing or wanting to kill myself.