Thursday, July 12, 2007

Friday Fun Links: Press conference dust ups

Poor Kev the Intern.

He’s like a Scorsese movie character who becomes too comfortable and starts getting sloppy with business during his gradual decline, eventually leading to him getting pummelled with aluminum baseball bats.

He was “busy” this week and thought he could get by with a completely random links compilation, including everything from 1993 World Series highlights to this loser’s ridiculous golf shot.

Sorry, Kev. You didn’t cut it this week. We’re taking you out to the desert to “get made.”

Anyone catch Wednesday's Fernando Vargas/Ricardo Mayorga brawl? Intense, especially when Vargas starts talking about street fighting and how he’ll “shake your hand if you shake his.” He may as well have been twirling a butterfly knife in front of the camera.

The melee wasn’t the first pre-fight press conference explosion we’ve seen. Check out these doozies:

Mike Tyson vs. Lennox Lewis -- 2002
The uncensored version. You’d swear the Nasdaq just crashed as rioting men in suits fill the screen with chaos. Then there’s Tyson’s ridiculous tirade, in which says he’ll eat Lewis’ asshole and tells a bystander “I’ll fuck you ’til you love me.” Wow. In case you didn’t know already, Mike Tyson is a horrible human being (and we use the term loosely).

Lennox Lewis vs. Hasim Rahman -- 2001
The pushing, shoving and table smashing madness is good, but the awkward host trying to break up the melee with a “Fellas, fellas,” and nervously resting his hand on the two hulking boxers is great.

Larry Holmes vs. Trevor Berbick -- 1991
This one’s hard to see, but it’s worth a look for (a) Berbick the Tattle Tale wailing that Holmes “kicked me and punched me!” and (b) Holmes doing his best "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka impression. Wicked.

Riddick Bowe vs. Larry McDonald -- 1994
Sucker punches: evil, rare and awesome. Imagine seeing TWO, back-to-back? Bowe hammers McDonald with two haymakers and McDonald takes it. What a chin.

And this clip needs no introduction.


vdb said...

You dicks. I saw this all on TSN last night.

Matt Larkin said...

seriously? Did they do it? I didn't see. I guess that means we're brilliant/as clever as TSN execs, especially since we wrote it yesterday afternoon...

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine why Robin Givens left Tyson, especially since he claims to be able to fuck people 'til they love him.

Hayesism said...

haha superfly jimmy snuka. an underrated wrestler as far as i'm concerned. he had a great bout against greg "the hammer" valentine in 1990.

Kevin said...

Kev the Intern

You guys are like Peyton Manning x1000

Expect more next week!