Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Fun Links: More injuries than Vince Carter with a game on the line

Last week, Linksmaster Kev sent us this e-mail from Las Vegas:

So drunkl, up 100. Bucks... So drunk... Blackberried plus drinlkin equals poor messages..

The next morning, he followed up that doozy with this:

Don't judge me based on that email... The intern deserves some time away.. I work soooo hard

The problem is, the "Intern" hadn’t been working very hard at all -- until now. Spurred on by a conversation between him and his girlfriend about Dave Drebecky wrapping his arm around himself like a friggin’ hula-hoop (click here and scroll ahead to No. 8 in the compilation to watch), he prepared us a delightful list of graphic, stomach churning sports injuries.

Be warned, squeamish people -- this is going to be harder to make it through than a weekend at the Benoit residence. And yes, there are so many more we could have included, but we’d like to eat sometime between now and next Thursday:

Not only did LT inflict a few moments of horrible pain (and months of rehab) on Joe Theismann, he punished football fans by launching Joey T’s smooth transition into broadcasting.

Big league clubs just never know what to expect from these Japanese ball players, with their mysterious gyro balls and unique fielding techniques.

Ever wonder what somebody would look like with a dog leg? Now you know.

Hockey players are notorious for dropping clich├ęs, but we’ll excuse Clint Malarchuk for saying he "left it all on the ice." This time.

You know those ’roid monkeys you see at the gym who spend all their time on their upper body while neglecting their legs? Here’s why you should work on the legs.

Kev suggests Allen Ray is fine and merely practising his "best Beetlejuice impression."

The hoop and harm!

He had a tough run, but he manages to keep perfectly still on his landing.

Garbo’s leg now officially garbage.

Shaun Livingston experiments with right angles.

This one isn’t actually a sport. Unless you consider being a stupid moron a sport, in which case these guys should have a national TV contract already.


Kevin said...

I really gotta stop e-mailing you.

These "off the record" e-mails sure seem pretty "on"

Anonymous said...

Hey, you didn't say off the record this time!

- hurk

Kevin said...

Haha... I know.. I'll make sure i add an "off the record" sig to all my e-mails from here on out... haha