Thursday, July 19, 2007

Three Stars (and one team we're told once won the World Series but we can't quite remember)

Last night’s studs:

1. MAGGLIO ORDONEZ – Maggs – Doesn’t that sound like a dog nickname? "Here, Maggs! Come on, boy!" -- carried the Tigers to a win over the hottest pitcher in baseball. He homered and drove in all three of Detroit’s runs against Johan Santana and is hitting .419 all-time against the former Cy Young winner. Detroit won 3-2. Maggs won a Milkbone.

2. LENNY DINARDO -- DiNardo bailed Oakland out of a nine game losing streak -- their longest in nine years -- by throwing seven shutout innings against Texas. DiNardo has replaced the Rich "The China Doll" Harden in the lineup while the righty rehabilitates his shoulder. Dinardo’s turning his career around after a nightmare 2006. Entering the season, he was one more bad start away from retiring to take that lounge singer job at the Holiday Inn he always dreamed about.

3. KEN GRIFFEY JR. -- Junior, an SOJP favourite, had a pair of hits, drew two walks and scored two runs, including the game winner in a 15-inning, 5-4 win over the Braves. His first-inning single was the 2,500th hit of his career, and Griff looks like he’s a got a few more left in him.

AND ONE TEAM WE’RE TOLD ONCE WON THE WORLD SERIES BUT WE CAN’T QUITE REMEMBER: THE TORONTO BLUE JAYS -- Boston is struggling to stay afloat in the AL East and the Jays are right there with them. They’ve stranded 37 runners in their past three games -- 37! --and have lost five of seven games after the break. Opening the second half of the season against Boston and New York, this was a make or break point of the season for the birds. They broke.

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