Friday, June 22, 2007

Three Stars (and one guy who probably wasn't well-liked in high school and had to eat lunch in a bathroom stall):

Last night's studs:

1. FELIX HERNANDEZ -- King Felix returned to form yesterday, mowing down the poor Pirates in eight scoreless inning while whiffing nine. Easy to do, just like Jeff Weaver's performance Wednesday, but there weren't many games on the sked last night, so Felix gets the limelight.

2. FAN AT PADRES GAME -- Some guy in a Petco suite thought he was Pacman Jones and tossed a pile of bills onto the field before being ejected. Sad/hilarious: Orioles backup catcher Alberto Castillo, who went yard for the first time in over two years just before the incident, said he would've scrambled to pick up the bills if he wasn't playing.

3. LARRY JOHNSON -- don't attack us just yet. A holdout, getting a star? Sounds crazy, but he deserves props for (a) asking for a raise over his $1.7-million salary, which is fair considering he set the single-season carries record last season and (b) doing it knowing it greatly increases his chances of being shipped out of Kansas City and its rebuilding situation. Good business.

TODAY'S GUY WHO PROBABLY WASN'T WELL-LIKED IN HIGH SCHOOL AND HAD TO EAT LUNCH IN A BATHROOM STALL: Casey Janssen. Kid couldn't have put together a worse pitching line -- six batters faced, five hits, one walk, six earned runs, no outs recorded. It's entirely possible a nine-year-old girl could've at least induced a warning track pop-out in the same situation.

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