Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Slogans: conning stupid people into buying crappy stuff since Jesus invented advertising

A big thanks to the loveably stumpy Jeff Garritsen for sending this sweet link. Just kidding, Jeffie. You’re not loveable.

This site’s simple but good for hours – or, say, 26 minutes – of work distraction. Just type any word into the space and "Sloganizer” cooks up a sweet slogan. For example, our latest query produced “One goal, one passion – anacondas.”

Poo poo, pee pee, etc. work well. We also tried “genocide.” A bit much?


Paul Barnes said...

I got "Genocide inside you" and "Go to heaven with Commies"

Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool. It works with profanity, too. I typed in 'Cunt" and was given the slogan, "My cunt is cool!" I'd buy that product, because I'm picturing something breezy and shaved - with a nice wide track.

Denomme said...

On my first try with the Sloganizer, I used my last name.

The result: "Nothing is faster than Denomme."