Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Fun Links: It's not alcohol, but it'll have to do

“Oh my God. That… was… AWESOME!”

You all should know that line, immortalized by Chris Farley in Tommy Boy when a buck busts out of David Spade’s convertible. There’s something about animals showing their pure physical power that makes us let out a collective “OHHHHHHH!” every time we see them do something “awesome.”

Keep that in mind as you check out today's links:

Battle at Kruger
Sounds like a crucial stand the Allies made against the Nazis, doesn’t it? It’s exactly that, except replace Allies with buffalo, Nazis with lions and the Italians with equally slimy crocodiles.

Shark vs. Octopus
Who knew the tentacled ones were the Jeffrey Dahmers of the ocean?

Shark Eats Seal
You’ve probably seen it before, but watching a Great White shaming Dwight Howard’s sticker dunk never gets old. Check out that vertical.

Bloated Beach Monster
That shark dominated the seal, an impressive display compared to this lethargic creature’s pathetic attempt to devour its prey.

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