Monday, June 25, 2007

Cookie dough: Is it in you?

Thanks to the delightful Chelsea for these old SNL links. Finally, a couple of diets Prince Fielder and LenDale White can live with.


Kevin said...

I think Maurice Clarrett, Phil Mickelson and pre-to-mid season Shaq also subscribe to this amazing Diet

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, all excellent calls. I'd love to hear who else fits the bill for a cookie dough diet.


Denomme said...

*Antonio Alfonseca
*Keith Tkachuk
*Oliver Miller
*Tim 'Lumpy' Herron
*Sebastian Janikowski
*Babe Ruth
*Charles Barkley

Denomme said...

oh, i forgot one: the third option size for a player on the old 'Ice Hockey' Nintendo game.

ej said...

OK Ok guys .... read the real stuff now.

ej said...